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Do you enjoy good company and fancy learning traditional Polish Folk dancing? The Polish music and folk dance group Polesie is looking for new members to learn traditional Polish dances and take part in public performances. The group meets every Friday between 8 and 10 pm at the Polish Community Centre in Leicester, Wakerley Road.

Founded in 1980 by Ania Krupska, who continues to be the troupe artistic director and choreographer the group performs across the UK and Europe in large theatres, local charity events, community concerts, garden fetes and carnivals.

The name of the group (pronounced ‘Poleshie’) comes from the pre-war Polish region of that name, which is now part of Belarus, and many émigré Polish families from that Region settled in the East Midlands after World War II.

In 1993 Polesie participated in the first Great Britain Festival of Polish Folk Groups and is an active contributor to events across the UK. In the same year during a performance in Poland members met the Polish Primate – Cardinal Józef Glemp. Celebrating its 15th anniversary with a performance at De Montfort Hall and in June 2000 the group was honoured to perform in a charity concert attended by Jolanta  Kwaśniewska, the first lady of Poland.

Group members along with its Art Director and Choreographer Anna Krupska attended a four-week training course for folk dance instructors, held in Lublin, Poland. Members of the group regularly take part in the International Festival for émigré Polish Folklore groups which takes place every three years in Rzeszów, Poland.

In 2005, with financial help from the National Lottery – Awards for All, a children’s group Young Polesie was formed. The older group has increased in size and for the 25th Anniversary Concert at the Little Theatre, Leicester on the 2 July 2006, 11 couples performed a record number of dancers for Polesie.

Polesie performed for the first time this year on Saturday 2 February 2008. Traditional Christmas carol singing and kujawiak and polonez dancing representing different regions of Poland.  The evening concluded with a tasty traditional Polish meal of bigos in the Polish Club. Visitors to the club were made very welcome and enjoyed the warm and homely atmosphere. An ideal way to spend a few relaxing hours.

For more information please contact Jan Krupski or Ania Krupska

Polish Dance Troupe ‚Polesie’

The Old Forge
Main Street
Eaton, Grantham
NG32 1SE

Phone: 01476 870068
Phone/Fax: 01476 870481

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