Warsaw better than London?

On the 18th of July in London, Polish capital will be presenting its advantages. The President of Warsaw – Hanna Gronkiewicz – Waltz will attend an open meeting with the Polish community.

The meeting will take place within the framework of the project „12 Cities – Going back? But where? – Let’s talk about facts „, of which the main organizer is the Association of Polish community in Great Britain – Poland Street. The conference combined with an open discussion with participants, will take place at 3pm at London’s Novotel hotel in Hammersmith area.

The Capital’s President, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz will present development plans for the city in coming years and tell why Warsaw has the right to compete with London. The current situation on the labour and real estate markets in the city will be presented during the meeting.

There will also be talk about why the capital is an attractive place to set up own business. Available EU funds may help in the beginning of economic activity. These opportunities will be explained in detail by the Warsaw’s City Hall representatives
Warsaw is also the biggest centre of culture in Poland – the place of important
theatres, museums, galleries and a number of prestigious festivals. The plan for the day will also include a deep presentation of “Cultural Warsaw”.

Visitors from Warsaw will also inform about what you can do in the city after
working hours. All interested in participating in the meeting are requested to send their application to the address: 12miast@polandstreet.org.uk . On participation in the conference will decide the order of applications received.

The project „12 Cities – Going back? But where? – Let’s talk about facts ” has an informative character and is open to all the Poles who are considering returning to the country. The aim of the project is an attempt to answer the question „Is it worth going back to Poland?”. More information can be found on the website: www.polandstreet.org.uk

Submitted by www.polandstreet.org.uk


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