Warsaw Rising 1944 Exhibition

East of England Polish Community Organisation together with Warsaw Rising Museum looks forward to celebrating 65th Anniversary of Warsaw Uprising. The Warsaw Uprising 44 exhibition will be displayed in Michaelhouse Café in Cambridge from 1st till 12th September. During the two weeks visitors will have a rare opportunity to touch and taste a piece of terrifying and heartbreaking history of Poland. Admission to the exhibition is free.

The 65th anniversary ceremony will be held on 10th September at 7:00 pm, in Michaelhouse Café in Cambridge. Among the invited guest are Russ McPherson, Mayor of Cambridge, Sir John Oakes, Secretary of Liberal Democrats Friends of Poland, vice-consul for visas and Polish citizens’ issues – Mrs. Justyna Januszewska, Councilors Kevin Blencowe and Michael Todd-Jones.

EEPCO’s exhibition does not say about political background, reasons or conclusions after Warsaw Uprising failure. It shows those who with proud and bliss, without doubts or hesitation, fought for freedom and dignity of their and all next Polish generations. Their passionate and short story was captured in the ordinary moments of their rebel life. Warsaw freedom fighters are not only heroes but have been role models for many fighters across the world.

All of the photos from exhibition are part of an enormous collection gathered together with movies, rising mementos and diaries by Warsaw Rising Museum. Everyone is welcomed to visit a large Photo Gallery, which with many other historic materials and audio files, can be found on www.1944.pl website.

All schools, institutions or companies interested in showing this exhibition on their premises can contact the organisers: Mrs. Marta Maj or Miss Kamila Lembrych.

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