Peter Pan a Musical, Curve Leicester

Curve has delivered a magical fairytale show this year that exceeds all expectations – an original production directed by David Taylor providing wonderful family entertainment. From the moment you take a seat there is an air of anticipation for something truly magical thanks to the fantastic set design.

The choreography and performances from a talented cast achieve the difficult task of satisfying the needs of children and adults. Musical numbers are cohesive and enhance the pleasure of the trip to Neverland.

The scenes are rich in colour and action with about the right duration to keep the attention of children. Pirates are a motley crew who will have you laughing out loud with their antics and slick routines. Smee played by Paul Baker with flair and great timing is guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most reluctant adults.

As for the star of the show, well in one little girl’s words after the show “Peter Pan, he really does fly” the aerial work is executed with confidence and flair by Spencer Charles Noll who delivers a fine vocal performance to bring Peter Pan to life.

At a time when family budgets are stretched, shows need to offer exceptional value and experiences. This production does it from start to finish with a quality that makes others envy at this festive time.

Well done Curve for putting the magic back into the festive season!

Joanna Gulbinska

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