Drama Long Road, Curve Leicester

Strong and touching message, tackles the issue of pain shared by family members after a son and a brother in one person, dies accidentally. Long Road unveils ways how differently human nature can or can’t deal with the fact of losing a close relative.

Tracy Brabin, the mother of the victim and Ellie Paskell, the murderer are truly convincing. All they have in common are different shades of anger and reasons of pain they feel.

Elizabeth played by Sarah Niles, who voluntarily visits Emma in prison shows extreme patience. She teaches how to give people second chance in life.   

Set has several layers, it triggers imagination and wherever the drama takes place – in prison or at home, you can’t forget that it is all about the boy, who died unnecessarily.

Not an easy subject, however, some of you may find this drama healing.

Joanna Gulbinska

Long Road by Shelagh Stephenson, directed by Adel Al-Salloum

12 – 27 March 2010


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