Tatiana Okupnik launches UK single and album

Tatiana’s UK debut single Spider Web is released on April 11th. The debut international album „Spider Web” will be available on iTunes from May 1st.

Born in Lodz, Poland in 1978, Tatiana Okupnik grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and the best of western rock and pop on cassettes recorded from Radio Luxembourg and the BBC.

By the mid 1990s, Tatiana started singing and taking dance lessons with a view to a career in entertainment. Ignoring contemporary teen bands like New Kids on The Block, she instead modelled her voice on greats such as Janis Joplin, Chaka Khan and Robert Plant.

By 1998, Tatiana had become the lead singer for Polish band Blue Cafe. Blue Cafe, known for their soulful and latin-influenced pop, were a Polish national sensation, and notched up a platinum album in „Fanaberia” (2002) and a gold in „Demi Sec” (2004). Tatiana subsequently became a massive Polish radio and TV personality and enjoyed significant live success in central Europe.

In 2006 Tatiana went solo and also found time to graduate from university with fluent English, French and Spanish.

Tatiana released a solo album for the Polish market („On My Own” 2007) which was produced in New York by jazz-funk legend Lenny White. The album went gold.

Tatiana moved to to London in 2010, where she started working with the new musical team behind her current debut international solo album „Spider Web”. Key among the team was writer-producer Tim Hutton, the man who, according to Andy Cato „put the groove in Groove Armada”. Hutton also penned the international smash „Song for Mutya” and has written extensively for Ian Brown and Prodigy. The „Spider Web” album was written by Tatiana and Tim Hutton, produced by Tim Hutton and recorded at legendary studios Sarm and Air in London. The „Spider Web” single was recorded at Granary Studio Kent and produced by Denis Ingoldsby and Andy Murray.

Tatiana Okupnik Spider Web

Tatiana is managed by Dave Fowler at Capital Artists: dave@capitalartists.co.uk


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