Absurd Person Singular – Curve Review

Take a script from one of Britain’s best loved comedy playwrights, add six exceptional actors, sprinkle some Christmas revelry and you get a hilarious comedy that will have you crying with laughter.

Alan Ayckburn’s 1970’s award winning comedy is a tale of three couples from different social circles who reluctantly come together in sufferance over three Christmas’s. Set in the 1970’s the exploration of social differences and family tensions over the festive period is as relevant and sharp today as when first performed.

Artistic Director Paul Kerryson has an eye for detail that ensures this production is truly superb entertainment. At first glance the set design resembles the front of a double glazing showroom before the revealing of the three superb houses. All complimented by subtle but effective lighting and sound design.

Laughter is said to be the best medicine and this really is a cure for all ills. There is something quite splendid about having to wipe ones eyes after tears of laughter. Not what you would expect for a story covering suicide, flirtation, electrocution and obsessive behaviour, but absolutely the case thanks the brilliant cast.

Leigh McDonald deserves a mention for her superb portrayal of the obsessive housewife Jane Hopcroft while Sion Tudor Owen’s character, the banker Ronald Brewster-Wright demonstrating how to wire a light fitting will have you in stitches for days.

Absurd Person Singular at Curve

This is a gem not to be missed 6 – 28 May Curve, Leicester

Martin Westall  

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