Polish fans for Pain of Salvation

At the end of the first leg of the Road Salt 2 Tour, Pain of Salvation visited Cracow making it their second gig in Poland this year. Followed by the awesome Von Hertzen Brothers, Pain of Salvation rocked the stage the way no one from the audience will ever forget. Since the whole evening was definitely marvelous, it deserved a unique review, so this time we let the fans speak.

Paralysed Awed Impressed Narcotized
Obliterated Fanciful
Sad Addicted Languishing Void Absent-minded Torn Inarticulate Obsessed Newborn

That is more or less how I felt after my first Pain of Salvation concert in Inowroclaw. I must add here that I had been their fan only for a few months, so I felt a bit like a greenhorn and not fully authorized to express my opinion. Still, I dare say a few words. Anyway, Ino-Rock was supposed to be this one opportunity to see them live and check whether they are really as great as people say. The result: I decided I just had to go to Cracow to meet them again. Never before had I been to a concert where I had tears in my eyes so many times. Pain of Salvation simply appealed to me – with all elements in the right place, perfect elements [sic!]. The gig in Cracow simply confirmed this conviction. Obviously, I loved the music, Daniel’s sense of humour and the atmosphere of total respect and admiration, where there was no place for fanaticism. The band’s exceptional contact with fans, both when on stage and after the gig, made us all feel an essential part of the whole show.

And as far as Von Hertzen Brothers are concerned: I had listened to many of their songs on youtube before the concert and had been really eager to see them on stage. And they didn’t disappoint me at all! Strong vocals, catchy melodies, extremely lovable band members – all of these made me decide to buy their albums. I’ll be following their musical career for sure.

– Agnieszka Pieniążek-Siekierska


It was the third time I’ve seen Pain of Salvation live and each time I’m surprised by their ability to combine perfection, emotions and energy while playing live. After a short, still intense gig in Katowice and a bit longer one in Inowroclaw, I thought it couldn’t have been any better, but I was mistaken – the gig in Cracow had the amazing atmosphere of both intimacy and straightforwardness. Just to cut it short: it was a whole. Although the end of the concert was a bit marred by the gloomy news about Johan “The Naked Chest” Hallgren leaving Pain of Salvation, I must admit I suddenly realized I was a real fan of the whole band – not only their music. I treat these guys a bit like my own family, therefore I wish them all the best. That’s why I fully understand and accept Johan’s decision. Also the opportunity to talk with the guys after the concert and hug them was fantastic. I will remember that evening for a long time.

-Krzysztof Traczyk


The Pain of Salvation concert in the Kwadrat club in Cracow was their first gig I’ve taken part in. I found out about it by an accident, just two weeks before, so I thought that hearing them live would be an interesting experience. I proved myself right. What’s more, the concert exceeded my expectations. The performance, both very energetic and emotional doesn’t let me forget that Friday evening. My personal favourites are “No Way”, “Ashes”, “Road Salt” and magic “Hallelujah”. The most positive surprise (frankly, bordering to the incredulity) was the band’s attitude towards the gathered people: unpretentious, filled with fondness and patience. I’ve been to many concerts, but there, for the first time, I thought that I had an impression of existing a direct emotional connection between the band and the fans. An intimate atmosphere of the event made it even stronger. From now on, I’ll be waiting for the next Pain of Salvation gigs in Poland.

– Katarzyna Buczek


To me this band is an absolute perfection; the respect they have for their fans is incredible and so was the atmosphere. I always wait for their concerts impatiently because I know they will never fail me. I love this restless music and all its makers.

– Elżbieta Wawrzacz


My expectations towards the Pain of Salvation concert in Cracow had been really enormous. Still, I got what I had hoped for and much more! It’s impossible to describe what goes on with someone confronted with live performance of the Swedish five. The guys are magicians and telepaths. They can conjure up incredible emotions and implant them in the hearts of their audience. It’s simply futile to resist them. Those feelings penetrate one’s body, turn the guts upside down and fade away only to make room for other excitements. My impressions from that evening are so varied; intense and so difficult to define that I guess it’s impossible to describe them any language known to the human race. However, I’ll try to convey at least a little morsel of that unforgettable concert.

One of the intangible, but undoubtedly perceptible element of that evening was a terrific bond of friendship and understanding between all the people gathered in the club. Tied to each other with that invisible mystical rope, we were going through the moments of frenzy and joy while at the same time releasing tones of energy to the heavier and faster songs. That madness receded to be replaced by tears to the sounds of moving ballads (“1979” is masterpiece!) only to be replaced again by pensiveness combined with deep examination of one’s conscience to the songs like “Kingdom of Loss” and “Through the Distance”.

The Pain of Salvation fans were confronted with a rather sad surprise when information about Johan leaving the band was announced towards the end of the gig. However, the news worked as a catalyst for the audience who generously thanked the amazing musician and the whole band. All of that resulted in an encore consisting of five songs. One of them, “Come Together” made my jaw hit the floor when I heard Johan’s voice, who for a while turned into a lead singer. Personally, I took it as a way of paying respect to the fans. I thought nothing more magical could have happened to me that night, but I was so wrong! As soon as the first sounds of “Hallelujah” reverberated in my ears…

– Bartek Wiśniewski


That was definitely the best gig I’ve ever seen, and there had been loads of them. Every time Pain of Salvation emits from the stage a massive amount of energy, but this time I think, they put to shame the biggest nuclear power plants. The club where we all gathered seemed to be levitating in a different time-space continuum, somewhere between the Ultimate Lands of Happiness, Emotions, Euphoria, and Loss. From the start, the magical ambience in the air made me feel as if I was among my closest family, and it was the smouldering remains of my common sense that held me back from hugging every single person around me. I felt like I was hypnotized, a helpless child under some mystic spells of a shaman. A shaman whom you can’t resist, and his name is Daniel.

It’s impossible not to mention Von Hertzen Brothers, who performed as a supporting band. With their gig they rocked the stage to leave their audience in a sweet stupor. There was however a sad part of the event as we were told about Johan planning to leave Pain of Salvation. But hey – then I realized it’s his own decision which is supposed to work best for him and we should all appreciate and enjoy everything he has so far given us. So, let me thank him and the rest of the Pain of Salvation for giving me many a time the strength to start another day.  Also for tears in my eyes, energy, sadness, joy, and motivating anger, but most of all, for the mysterious world that not everyone can enter. I will never be able to repay. Johan, be happy and enjoy your life! Pain of Salvation, keep on rockin’!

– Anna Jankowiak


This was the first time I saw Pain of Salvation onstage. The vast expectations I had had were generously fulfilled. A mixture of energetic and melancholic sounds, laughter and tears of affection resulted in the state where a grin didn’t leave my back nor did the tingling on my face stop (or the other way round). These were the moments worth living for and I guess everyone who was there that night would say so. However, I must add the concert in Cracow had a serious deficiency – it ended. I hope next time the band will fix that problem!

– Ewa Rogoyska

In my life, I’ve been to many concerts of various artists. Most of them I’d known longer than Pain of Salvation, some of them I’d been made familiar with since the cradle, and a few more, I consider to be living legends. However, the concert in Cracow, with only several hundred people in the audience, was definitely one of the best I’ve ever been to. Watching this band live and singing along some of their songs together with the lead singer is a magical and almost religious experience (these words come from an atheist) though, there’s no room for fanaticism. To everyone, who for some reasons decided not to go to the October concert, I strongly recommend catching up at the nearest possible next occasion. It doesn’t matter if you know the band well, a little, or not at all, Pain of Salvation won’t disappoint you.

– Paweł Hinc


The concert picture provided by the kind permission of Krzysztof Bober Fotografia Koncertowa.

Pain of Salvation, Cracow, Kwadrat Club, 21 October 2011 


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