Von Hertzen Brothers

True to their name, the Von Hertzen Brothers are bonded by blood and this brotherly connection really shines through in the music. It’s rare for a progressive and challenging rock album to top the national charts but Von Hertzen Brothers did it three times – with their 2nd album, „Approach”, with their 3rd, „Love Remains The Same”, and again with their 4th album, 2011’s „Stars Aligned”. All three albums have been certified gold in their native Finland.

On stage their passionate and huge-sounding music seems to take on another dimension and they’re quickly becoming renowned for their wild and energetic live performances. These „mad brothers of rock” sound like Foo Fighters playing Pink Floyd’s greatest hits after spending years in India singing Beach Boys.

In 2011 the band released their 4th studio album, entitled „Stars Aligned”, which once again topped the Finnish National Charts and went on to be certified Gold. The album also helped the band make major inroads into the UK where they played a number of headline shows. They were also nominated for the „Best New Band” Award at Classic Rock Magazine’s annual awards show and  the „New Blood” category at the Classic Rock Prog awards 2012. .

Drawing lyrical influences from writers such as William Blake, classic Indian authors, and numerous well-known Finnish poets, all the songs originate from the deep yearning for freedom and peace of mind that the brothers feel.

„von Hertzen” is German and means „from the heart”. „That’s what we try to always keep in mind when writing or erforming. We feel it’s useless if it doesn’t come from our hearts. The point of music, any kind of music, is to create wonderful experiences that are somehow elevating and encouraging. That’s our mission. The music is our instrument”.

Von Hertzen Brothers 

Von Hertzen Brothers are:
Mikko Von Hertzen – vocals, guitar
Kie Von Hertzen – guitar, vocals
Jonne Von Hertzen – bass, vocals
Mikko Kaakkuriniemi – drums
Juha Kuoppala – keyboards

Experience (2001)
In the beginning of a new millenium, Mikko Von Hertzen asked his brothers to share a vision. The debut album „Experience” was born.

Approach (2006)
„Approach” took four years to complete. The album became a huge success and reached gold status and Finland as well as winning a Finnish Grammy for the „Best Rock Album of the year 2006”.

Love Remains The Same (2008)
„Love Remains The Same” is the most gigantic piece of art by Von Hertzen Brothers. Released in Finland in May 2008 it stayed at # 1 on the national sales chart for 3 weeks. The album includes the hit singles „Faded Photographs”, „Freedom Fighter” and „In the End”.

Stars Aligned (2011)
The band’s 3rd consecutive #1 album in Finland, „Stars Aligned” also saw the band make major inroads into the UK and Europe. It also garnered the band a nomination for ‚Best New Band’ at the UK’s Classic Rock Awards.

The Best Of Von Hertzen Brothers (2012)
A career-spanning double disc collection of the bands biggest hits including a DVD of videos and a live concert.

Sent by Virpi Immonen, Backstage Alliance 

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