Six Inch

Six Inch started as talented but quite ordinary dark rock trio back in 2010. Then Andy joined the group and with his intimate and personal voice took the place in lead vocals.

After few demos and EP’s Andy had a vision of more unique, melancholic and mysterious sound. For that vision Andy wanted to have a violinist and a keyboardplayer so at the end of 2012 Pinja (Violin) and Nestori (Keyboards) joined the band to make it more complete.

They were ready to make their first album with dark and powerful elements combined with cinematic ambience. Before releasing the album Six Inch took the road and played lots of gigs mainly at rock clubs in Finland but also a small tour in Spain which was great because the band have always wanted to become international.

Six Inch also released it’s first single „Melancholic Whisper of Life” from the debut album. It was a limited edition of only 150 copies and later it won the LA based Akademia Music Award in Rock/Hard Rock category. At the same time Six Inch pulled out their first music video for the song „Whore of the Medical Science” and pretty soon after that the second music video „Wound Torn Bride” both directed by talented Arttu Talvitie.

Audience took the album nicely and also the critiques were great. After the first album the band hit the crossroad and as a result they had do some line-up changes in late 2013. Andy’s good friend Risto joined to play the bass and they found Dey and Kalle who formed a young & dynamic guitar duo. With new energy in the band Six Inch is now getting ready to come up with album #2 full of aces on it’s sleeve.


Current Lineup:Six Inch - Melancholic Whisper of Life

Andy – Lead Vocals
Pinja – Violin & Backing Vocals
Dey – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Kalle – Guitar
Risto – Bass
Migi – Drums
Nestori – Keyboards


Melancholic Whisper of Life 2013

1. Anything
2. Difficulty of Life in Art
3. Melancholic Whisper of Life
4. Death Celebration
5. Wound Torn Bride
6. Freak Show Six Inch
7. My Beloved Six Inch
8. Whore of the Medical Science Six Inch
9. Doll House Six Inch
10. Tomorrow Will Not Come
11. Identify
12. Innocence



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