Vlad In Tears

Vlad In Tears were formed by three brothers Kris (vocals & piano), Lex (guitar) and Dario (bass) and their good friend Alex (drums) in 2005 in Cassino (Italy). The band started by playing cover songs until they created their own dark sound. It was so well accepted by their growing audience that soon they hit the stages in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and former Yugoslavia (now Serbia and Montenegro). Shortly afterwards the band recorded their first demo “After The End” that included ten tracks.

After signing their first deal with Aural Music Vlad In Tears released their debut album „Seed Of An Ancient Pain“ that got a lot of good reviews by gothic scene critics. In 2010 the second record “Underskin” was released via Rough Trade Records. The album was produced by John Fryer well-known by his work with such a bands as HIM, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and others. Right after that the band did their „Forbidden“ Tour in Germany. At the end of 2011 the concept album “Welcome To Vladyland” was out and Vlad In Tears were touring in Germany with their „Night In Vladyland“ Tour. During that time they released an EP of the same name.

There were some times the band had to reorganize themselves. In 2012 Alex and Lex were replaced by Salvatore and Luca Di Pressa on guitars and Cosmo Cadar from Romania on drums. Due to Kris and Dario moving from Italy to Germany in 2013 Vlad In Tears relocated their home base to Berlin. In February 2014 after Salvatore and Luca’s leaving the band a new guitar player Gregor Friday from Australia joined Vlad In Tears to complete their current line-up. 

In June 2013, the band played a special acoustic show with a string orchestra and a guest singer at the theARTer gallery in Berlin. During the fall and winter 2013-2014 Vlad In Tears toured supporting some German bands such as Stahlmann, Hämatom and Unzucht as well as did their own acoustic tour in December 2013. 

The band announced their fourth record named “Vlad In Tears” to be released in August 2014 via ZYX Music/Golden Core. Influenced by such a bands as Korn and Marilyn Manson, Vlad In Tears created for upcoming album their unique sound with a perfect balance between dark rock and metal elements. Now with “Vlad In Tears” they are ready to show once again their great talent and musical potential to get a place they deserve in a dark music world.

Vlad In Tears, photo by Jörg Fischer

Vlad In Tears
Kris Vlad (vocals & piano)
Gregor Friday (guitar)
D. Vlad (bass)
Cosmo Cadar (drums) 

Website: www.vladintears.com
Official facebook page: facebook.com/vladintears
For more information : office@mordhorst-music.com

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