June 4th celebrate together

June 4th we celebrate the 25 anniversary of independent Poland! Take part in the contest! Organise the event on June 4th in your town: a flashmob, an exhibition, a toast for freedom, anything you wish! Leaders of the most attractive events both from Poland and abroad might win free invitation for international seminar of School For Leaders (27-31 August).

4 June 1989 is a breakthrough date in Poland’s history. Thanks to the peaceful negotiations at the Round Table democratic elections were held. Solidarity won the elections by a landslide. It is said that since 4 June 1989 communist regime in Poland was over. Five months later the Berlin Wall came down and central eastern Europe was liberated from the influence of Soviet Union.

It is not important whether you took part in the elections of the 4th June or whether you were not born at the time. It is not important whether you live in London or in Lądek Zdrój.

4th June we celebrate together! In Poland and everywhere where Poles are.

Organise in your town a “4th June event”! A flashmob, a picnic, an exhibition, a concert, a toast for freedom, whatever you wish!

Submit your idea at www.razem89.pl/konkurs, publish report from your event till 18 June and win a free ticket for international seminar of School For Leaders.   

Do you need materials, gadgets?
Get In touch with School For Leaders. We will send you them by post.

Do you need an idea?
Look through bank of ideas (razem89.pl/bank-pomyslow) and find your inspiration!

Would you like to get patronage of Polish President?
We can help you with that either.
Read the contest regulations on webpage Szkoła Liderów.

June 4th celebrate together

Contact to Project coordinator:

Hanka Nowicka
(48 22) 55 68 268

The organiser of the Project „Leaders – together on solidarity” is School For Leaders. The partners of the project are: European Solidarity Center, based in Gdańsk and Project: Poland Foundation. The Project is co-financed with the funds received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the competition for the realization of the task dedicated to the “Cooperation with Polish Community and Poles who live abroad in 2014”.

More on website: www.razem89.pl/konkurs

June 4th celebrate together


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