Killing the Ashes – „X-Sound”

Now Killing the Ashes are five members band from Italy but some time ago Niki and Gilù started their music way as a duet playing in acoustic. Since other guys – Mark, Rob and Danny – joined the band they’ve chosen their style to be close to pop-punk with drops of other elements of rock music and electronic sound. Following some idols of rock and punk scene these guys anyway try to create their own music, unique sound and recognizable style.

At the moment Killing the Ashes keep working on their first EP and we can already listen to the single called “X-Sound”. Guys have done a good job mixing a powerful energy of punk with a modern rhythm of electro direction adding an easy melodic fragments to get a stuff full of expression. The song sounds so bright and fresh, and sure very emotional. Have no fear to be

different, always be as you are and feel free to reveal yourself in a way you like! That kind of message guys send with a single. They also use the same principles by themselves making their music.

Killing the Ashes – X-Sound

That could be a music to relax, to have fun with it sharing lots of emotions with friends. It’s just something that allot of young people used to love in music nowadays. So Killing the Ashes can really expect to get their gradually growing audience. Now let’s enjoy “X-Sound” and wait for the EP release ready to be surprised by it hopefully in a very good way!

(Olga Burlaka @ Lviv Rock Highlights)

Killing the Ashes – “X-Sound”

Gianluca Era „Gilù” (Lead Vocals, Bass)
Marco Era „Mark” (Guitar, Vocals)
Niki Langiu „Niki” (Guitar, Vocals)
Roberto Bazzoni „Rob” (Keyboards, Vocals)
Daniel Sale „Danny” (Drum)

Official Facebook Killing the Ashes
Killing the Ashes on SoundCloud
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