Łódź Snapshots have arrived!

A few months ago The Strawberry Foundation decided to take on a project which would promote Łódź as a city of young film makers. Thanks to funding from the European Union and the main sponsor Selgros, a series of short films, titled Migawki (Snapshots) came to fruition, it the form of an Internet series.

Migawki is an educational project, created by a number of people representing different forms of art. For many this was their first film assignment. The organisers co-worked with young local artists, among them graduates of  the National Film School in Łódź: Bartłomiej  Żmuda and Ireneusz Grzyb; School of Art and Design graduate Piotr Domarańczyk, and Grzegorz Grabowski.

The film makers experimented with the traditional series format to deliver episodes that are not linked by a storyline or protagonists, as every one tells its own short, simple story, which could have happened on the streets of Łódź.

The main concept of the project was to play with stereotypes related to the city and its image, often remote from the typical postcard picture. Every episode was created by a different film crew, which results in varying portrayals of the city.

The series follows local protagonists: a teen street-kid, mystery musician and Wiki, who returns home after graduation accompanied by an unusual boyfriend. The viewers will be able to watch the Making Of the series in a special episode.

„After several months of hard work we are proud to present five very different stories. We hope we have managed to convey our vision of Łódź with a good dose of humour. We would like to thank everyone who supported this project”- Agnieszka Kopyto, The Strawberry Foundation.

The series will be available on our dedicated website: www.migawki.net.pl

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