Busy Bees Initiative

One of the newest initiative undertaken by Project Polska. This project is for Polish women residing in Leicester, with the prime objective to raise their personal and career aspirations, to boost their confidence, a sense of belonging and ownership to local community. The project intention is to increase the long term economic wellbeing of those women, empowering them in turn, to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Many aspects of the project aim at developing our participants communication, problem solving and leadership skills; their knowledge and self-esteem and as result we hope to empower the participants to take greater responsibility for their own and the families needs.

Busy Bees is also about creating an environment that promotes resilience and health; increase collaboration and civic participation; with a focus on acquisition of skills and development.

Weekly sessions are held on Sundays and are open to all Polish women. The programme will run for 24 months, and involves discussions, talks, training sessions delivered by experienced coaches and experts.

Sessions are free of charge for participants and are funded via People’s Health Trust, HealthBelief funding.


Busy Bees


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