New video by Six Inch – „Girls and Boys”

Girls and Boys” is couple of years old song and the demo has been in the drawer for a while. So we took it from there and gave it to our producer and he liked the song. Problem was that there was too much of everything so he cut off all unnecessary from the song and then it start to sound fresh… Less is more in this case I think… And our new sound is all about the nice groove, bass, drums and guitars… All about the Nu metal…

The song „Girls and Boys” is a sarcastic statement about the tutelage of the society. Video is just fun and games `cos there is little daycare feeling at times and we paying attention to the wrong things… Light observation The song „Girls and Boys” is from the album which does not have a name yet So there will be 1-3 new 90`s Nu Metal songs and maybe one B-side track in this year… and let`s see that album in year 2016.

Sent by Six Inch Management

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