Incubus at Orange Warsaw Festival 2015

This year’s edition of Orange Warsaw Festival was supposed to be a failure, as many people thought. The main problem was said to be the lack of good, well-known bands – though there’s no accounting for taste.

The event could have been “saved” by the only “decent” headliner – a British rock group, Muse. It must be admitted that they attracted the biggest audience that evening, but there were also people for whom the most important band of the festival actually supported the headliner. A band created a few years before the adored Muse (in 1991), living proof that a bunch of friends is able to become famous worldwide, and a band that has never performed in Poland before. The band is INCUBUS. The members are Mike Einziger (lead guitar), Jose Pasillas (drums), Chris Kilmore (turntables), Ben Kenney (bass guitar) and – last but not least – Brandon Boyd (vocals). I would like to concentrate on the frontman for a moment, as I believe he is a real polymath, or jack of all trades. Why? He writes very smart, thoughtful lyrics (yeah, I know, so do many other singers), he sings exceptionally well (not only him, of course), he recorded a solo album (again, nothing special), but that’s not all. He also draws and paints, displays his art in galleries, he’s an author of books and an excellent surfer, to mention just a few of his talents. Such features make, undoubtedly, quite an intimidating figure.


Their performance at Orange Warsaw Festival, although without fireworks and confetti, surely satisfied their fans, who had an opportunity to listen live to such hits as Drive, Wish You Were Here, Megalomaniac or Anna Molly (my personal favourite). They also performed two songs from their latest 4-track EP: Absolution Calling and Dance Like You’re Dumb. Positive energy and generally good mood of the band members was particularly uplifting for those who knew about the hiatus Incubus had been on for some time, which is why this tour, a new EP and debut in Poland was even more important for the fans, hoping the band will visit us again and again. The sooner the better. That is what I wish all the staunch Incufans, including myself.

Agnieszka Pieniążek-Siekierska

Photos: Janusz Miękus

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