Show Your Otherside from Hungary

Show Your Otherside is a metalcore/hardcore band with a widescreen vision and hearts that blaze with rebellion and intense belief. This five-piece fearless band – formed in Hungary in 2011 – were immersing themselves in the underground culture of the Hungarian hardcore scene.

Their debut EP emerged in September 2011.

Since their inception, Show Your Otherside – completed by guitarist Luca Hejjas in 2012.

In the same year, the band released their second EP “Heartbeats”.

Their third Ep “Prologue” came out in 2013. They became better at integrating all their influences. And being able to represent these influences– the energy of SoCal skate punk, the brutality of East Coast hardcore more fluidly than ever is what blew out Show Your Otherside above and beyond,like a sky rocket. The record features guest appearances from Till We Drop’s Pete and Can’t Bear This Party’s Jean & Rémi, a spread which shows the respect Show Your Otherside command worldwide.

Throughout 2012 and 2014, the band continued to tour heavily with their intense live shows performed on popular festivals in Hungary SZIGET and VOLT. They rocked a spring tour from march to april with 11 shows all accross Hungary, and also had their chance to share the stage with the Canadian Billy Tallent.

The band also filmed two videos, all of which now number thousands of views from all over the world on YouTube, for tracks “Evergreen” and “The Secret” from their upcoming album showing a striking and highly dynamic blend of the band’s sky-high ambition.

Show Your Otherside have built upon their strengths, delivering an anthemic metalcore/hardcore sound with a live performance that only enhances their energy and passion.

This year sets to be another busy one with festival appearances, further touring and recording their long awaited debut full-length album.

2015 Luca has left the band about her study of university a few weeks later Zoltán Sendula has joined to the band, now he’s the band current (and hopefully the final) guitarist.

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Official website Show Your Otherside

Show Your Otherside – A Dream Came True (Official Music Video)

 Show Your Otherside – A Dream Came True

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