BirdPen at Hydrozagadka in Warsaw

The British group BirdPen have come to Poland again, but this time to promote their third album “In The Company Of Imaginary Friends”.

Among the songs from their two previous albums, Mike Bird and Dave Pen, along with their band, thrilled the audiences by pieces coming from their latest CD, like “Into The Blacklight”, “Like A Mountain” and hypnotising “TCTTYA”. They also whetted their fans appetite with the brand-new songs: “Lost It” and “Chairman”. The show was a feast to those who expect something more from music live, as BirdPen offer invisible, yet detectable bound with their fans, and strong shivers triggered by the very first sound coming from the stage. Hoping for more in the nearest future, let’s go back to the BirdPen concert in Warsaw.


BirdPen, 22.11.2015 Warsaw, Hydrozagadka



Photos: Janusz Miękus

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A special thank you for Mike Bird for his precious help.

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