Diary Of Dreams at Progresja Music Zone in Warsaw

On the 21st of November 2015 the German Diary Of Dreams performed in the capital of Poland. That night the venue was full of electronic sounds with a gothic touch, to which the band adds its own qualities like a strong rhythm section, simple guitar lines and the thrilling deep voice of Adrian Hates which characterise the charismatic spiritus movens of the band.

The gig was built mainly around songs from their latest album called ”Grau Im Licht”, but the audience could also enjoy their earlier records that sound as powerful as the newest ones played live. The setlist, as well as encore, composed of ”The Plague”, ”King of Nowhere”, ”Kindrom” and ”Traumtänzer” surely pleased even the most selective fans.


Diary Of Dreams, 21.11.2015 Warsaw, Progresja Music Zone



Photos: Janusz Miękus

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Official website: Diary Of Dreams



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