Symphony X, Melted Space, Myrath at Progresja Music Zone in Warsaw

„Underworld” is the name of the nineth album by Symphony X, and the title of the tour which the American quintet made of Russell Allen, Michael Romeo, Michael LePond, Michael Pinnella and Jason Rullo hit to promote their newest record.

One of the destinations of the first, European leg of the tour was Warsaw, which made the Polish progressive metal fans thrilled and excited. During the gig, the band performed the whole „Underworld” and reminded songs taken from „Paradise Lost”, „V: The New Mythology Suite” and „The Divine Wings Of Tragedy” albums. The show was saturated with Romeo’s juicy guitar solos, splendid spaces shaped by Pinelli’s keybords, and the concert alone was based on tales about fighting for the most important things in life, losing and desparing that usually come along with making hard decisions; all was spiced with theatrical dramaturgy built up to the very last song by Allen. This immense dose of energy will stay with the Warsaw audience for a long time.

On the first leg of the tour, Symphony X was supported by two bands: The Melted Space from France and Myrath from Tunisia. The French performed a short set that could be easily described as metal opera, undoubtedly inspired by Arjen Lucassen’s music. A spectacular combination of as many as four singers (clear, strong female vocals next to growling) and dynamic, spacious songs were perfect appetisers for audiences waiting for a headliner. The second band served a decent piece of progressive metal. A combination of powerful voice of the frontman, high energy on stage, strong, but not overwhelming rhythm and harmonic melodies certainly helped Myrath to become more recognizable among Polish metal lovers.


Symphony X, Melted Space, Myrath, 15.03.2016 Warszaw, Progresja Music Zone



Photos: Janusz Miękus


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A special thank you for Philipp Adelsberger of Nuclear Blast for his precious help.

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