Drug and alcohol advice for young people from Central and Eastern Europe

Leicestershire Community Projects Trust (LCPT) is a voluntary organisation currently providing advice, information and guidance, assessment and ongoing support to people affected by drug and alcohol use. The Young Persons Drug and Alcohol service, also known as the New Direction Team provide a dedicated service to those up to the age of 18 years old and their parents and carers.

Service includes educating young people on how to reduce the risks of alcohol and drug use and needle exchange clinic. LCPT has good links with other support and services therefore can refer clients to service that best suit their needs. Can also offer advice and information to professionals and others concerned about substance misuse. LCPT advocates for clients and works on engaging them in the wider community.

LCPT has recently set up a scheme to focus on the needs of young people from new and emerging communities, particularly those from Eastern Europe –  A10 nationals – from Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Roma Community. Although the majority of Eastern European migrants settle into life in UK successfully, others are not as fortunate or less prepared for this transition and therefore they may engage in drug and alcohol misuse as a coping mechanism. This applies to young people, who in order to fit in and due to peer pressure may engage in risky behaviours.

LCPT believes that people are disadvantaged if they face linguistic or cultural barriers which prevent them from accessing specialist services and has therefore started a programme of translating leaflets into other languages to reflect Leicester multicultural society. This information is currently available in Polish with plans to extend service to other languages. In addition LCPT employed Polish practitioner, who has already identified contacts and established working links with Polish Church, Polish School, media and other agencies which work with Polish community. 

In order to provide the highest quality of service LCPT will carry out an initial assessment in a safe environment during which will identify young person’s needs and mutually agree on the plan of action. From then onwards depending on the variety of needs, the most suitable approach will be applied in order to help young individuals with their drug or alcohol issues and other matters related to their substance misuse: housing, school, family, relationships etc. LCPT can meet clients in a suitable location, which include: schools, community centres, client’s home.

Leicestershire Community Projects Trust prides itself in promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment to all clients and will challenge any kind of discrimination. They also have a confidentiality policy and treat all the information in the strictest confidence. Funded by Safer Partnership, the service is available free of charge.

To find out more or to make a referral please contact the New Direction Team on 0116 2521655 or send email to info@lcp-trust.org.uk. You may also wish to visit LCPT website www.lcp-trust.org.uk for further details.
If you prefer to speak in Polish please contact Izabella on 
0116 2521655 or on 07585975700 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday or email izabella.dabska@lcp-trust.org.uk

Leicestershire Community Projects Trust

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