Polish Heritage Day 2017 Leicester

The first edition of the Polish Heritage Day is planned for 6-7 May. It will be coordinated by the Polish consulates in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

In a letter to Polish organisations in the UK, Polish Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki wrote that the position of the almost one-million-strong Polish community is not commensurate to the country’s extraordinary potential. “By demonstrating to our neighbours our openness, tolerance, commitment and friendly attitude, we are overcoming the stereotypes and display our resolve to have a say on how the affairs of our neighbourhoods are run,” Rzegocki wrote.

Join us for an afternoon of Polish culture, traditions, history and food. Bring your friends, family and neighbours and discover Polish heritage!

  • Lots of activities for children
  • Face painting
  • Learn how to make Polish dumplings
  • Oral History Cafe
  • Polish Folk Dance Session
  • Pottery Workshop and much more…..

Polish Heritage Day

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