Tangerine Dream at Progresja Summer Stage in Warsaw

Again, the legendary German band Tangerine Dream presented the Polish fans with a feast of atmospheric music combined with brilliant lights and visualisations.

Neither a last-minute change of a venue nor the chilly weather prevented the audience from taking part in the event and enjoying the show. People gathered in front of the summer stage of Progresja could contemplate some of the most recent compositions, but the band also reminded the older pieces. Among many others, Tangerine Dream performed „Love on a Real Train”, „Los Santos City Map”, opening „Kiew Mission”, „Continuum” and closed the show with „Session Dm 11:19pm”.Let’s go back for a moment to Tangerine Dream performing at the summer stage of Progresja in Warsaw.

Tangerine Dream, 17.08.2021 Warsaw, Progresja Summer Stage

Photos: Janusz Miękus

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A special thank you goes to Kim of Eastgate Music Team for a priceless help.

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