The Mission at Proxima Club in Warsaw

The Mission fans had to wait almost six years for another visit of their band in Poland. However, it was worth it. The band embarked on the Deja Vu Tour 2023, which happily also included Warsaw.

The Mission is one of those phenomena that naturally maintains a level of juvenile spontaneity without losing any of its credibility. The band, which is invariably led by Wayne Hussey, still sounds fresh and sincere. That night The Mission provided the audience with a huge dose of pure energy, and the Proxima club pulsated with the group’s greatest hits, such as „Beyond the Pale”, „Severina”, „Never Again”, „Wasteland”. The encore included „The Crystal Ocean” and the monumental „Tower of Strength”.

The Mission, 15.05.2023 Warsaw, Proxima Club

Photos: Janusz Miękus

The Mission
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Special thank you’s go to The Mission Management and HQ44 Agency for their precious help.

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