Yes, Prime Minister, Review

The writers of the BBC comedy series – Yes, Minister and later Yes, Prime Minister – Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn have reunited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic TV series with an updated production for the stage. British humour at its best!

Prime Minister Jim Hacker, his Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby and his Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley are all back with the coalition government to face an emergency situation. The country is on the brink of financial meltdown and there is just one light at the end of the tunnel – a morally doubtful deal with the Foreign Minister of Kumranistan.

Thankfully, official institutions have their great pillars – Sir Humphrey, remaining unmoved and confident as being capable to defend any critical situation with his skilfully drafted rhetoric punches. Bernard, being trained how to be incredible unhelpful, specially as far as media are concerned and of course the Prime Minister who just knows how to find his people and get them to sort out the problem. The script is very up-to-date and hilarious.

Yes, Prime Minister, Curve

Following the prize winning series, the expectations for the performing actors are incredible great and filling the original actors shoes can be at least challenging. But I have to admit that Richard McCabe, Chris Larking and specially Simon Williams as Sir Humphrey lived up to the expectations.

Are there any special effects? Well, check them out yourself, but guaranteed if you don’t jump, at least you will giggle. Stage set? Absolutely brilliant with a very sophisticated and realistic impression of Chequers.

After a sell-out season at the Chichester Festival Theatre and a successful run in the West End, now we can enjoy it in Curve for a few days. Don’t miss out then because it is such a brilliant show that it made me think I want to see the whole series again. Luckily I have had a chance to buy the dvds, so shall start to watch them tomorrow…

28 March – 2 April 2011, Curve, Leicester

Joanna Gulbinska

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