Hate Crime

When Hate Crime or Incident occurs they do not simply injure the victim or damage their property but they can and often do, seriously affect whole families, the wider community and society as a whole.

Members of all communities need to know that the police are fully aware of these issues. This Force will do all that we can to allay community fears. We will do this by consultation, explaining procedures for tackling hate crimes (i.e. any crime where the perpetrator’s prejudice against an identifiable group of people is a factor in determining who is victimised), encouraging those affected to report attacks, and by taking appropriate action which is both vigorous and sympathetic.  
There are main 6 stands of Hate Crime which include Racial, Religious/faith, Homophobic, Age, Gender and Disability.
City Hate Crime Officer (HCO)
The City Hate Crime Officer’s role is to ensure the effective and co-ordinated service to the victims of Hate Crime.  The role supports Investigating Officers by co-ordinating the responses of the Police and appropriate partners to all cases of Hate Crime.
The HCO can assist with the referral for victims to independent support agencies and offer enhanced support to repeat victims of Hate Crime; the HCO will also send out resource information packs, and support letters, to victims of such crime. This is also a pro active role, promoting the recording of Hate Crime through Hate Crime inputs amongst various groups eg. Disability Groups and Community events.
If you require assistance regarding a Hate Crime matter, please contact the Police on 0116 2222222, or in an Emergency 999. For general Hate Crime advice, please feel free to contact the Hate Crime Officer,PC John Dickins on tel: 0116 2222222  x6687 or email: john.dickins@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

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