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Project Polska is a community led organisation, aimed at Polish individuals residing in Leicestershire. The project’s prime objectives are to empower members of the community, as well as to provide them with opportunities and possibilities. We work with individuals to build up their resilience and help the community to develop assets and resources. We promote civic participation and leadership.

Collaboration and communication, play an important role in our work and relationships. The Project places particular emphasis on building sustainable relationships between our members and local services. In addition, we want to increase understanding among local agencies on how to engage the new community on local issues.

Our key objectives are:
• Community Development
• Capacity Building
• Civic Participation
• Sustainability
• Health and Wellbeing

Project Deliverables:
1. Radość Group – weekly Mums & Toddler Group, at the Edge Children’s Centre, Melton Mowbray, on Fridays between 2.30pm-4.30pm.

2. Busy Bees Initiative – project for Polish women living in Leicester designed to enhance their personal and social development. Weekly sessions are held on Sunday.

3. Project „Your Voice Count” – ongoing dialogue with local partners and agencies, to ensure that local provision is made more accessible to Polish community and that the services being delivered meet the community needs.

4. „Polish Culture and Language Workshop” – awareness sessions about Polish culture and language for local authority staff, in particular frontline workers, to include delivery of two workshops for Melton Borough Council Officers.

5. Participation in the”Health Champions” project. This work aimed at the Eastern European communities in the City of Leicester. The project has created a group of champions from these communities and worked with professionals to raise awareness of issues and barriers in accessing health services for Polish residents. Project was commissioned by local health agency and facilitated by the Race Equality Centre.

We are always looking for new ideas. Do you want to improve our community wellbeing? Join Project Polska and see how can work together.

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