DESH review, Curve, Leicester

It is hard to review a performance which is so personal. An attempt to box Desh and dress it up with a description, explanation or interpretation would be inappropriate. In Desh Khan wants to go back to his origin and present tragedy and comedy of lives in Bangladesh. It is a successful attempt to use art and build something of lasting value, exactly what Akram aimed to achieve.

Akram Khan is a dedicated perfectionist who clearly loves what he does for living and it shows. He is incredibly talented, fit and able to deliver to the highest standards. His incredible abilities make you forget yourself in the story told by the movements of his body. They are liquid, smooth and flowing.

Music is vivid, charming and delightful. Dance and visuals are picturesque and emotional. Clever technology and cunning ways to merge complimentary techniques simply shows off not only Curve’s outstanding capabilities, but first of all, Khan’s extraordinary dexterity.

Finally, the synergy evolving from collaboration of many talented people  rounds off this performance and makes it so amazing. Choreography, dramaturge, visual animations, set, music, lighting – all complements each other and fascinates as a final product.

Fancy a very relaxing evening which will definitely allow you to forget about the outer world and enjoy a fascinating dancing journey? Don’t miss out, go and experience. It is magical.  

Joanna Gulbinska

Desh, The Curve


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