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Diary Of Dreams at Progresja Music Zone in Warsaw

Diary Of Dreams at Progresja Music Zone in Warsaw

On the 21st of November 2015 the German Diary Of Dreams performed in the capital of Poland. That night the venue was full of electronic sounds with a gothic touch, to which the band adds its own...

BirdPen at Hydrozagadka in Warsaw

BirdPen at Hydrozagadka in Warsaw

The British group BirdPen have come to Poland again, but this time to promote their third album “In The Company Of Imaginary Friends”.

Gazpacho at Karuzela in Warsaw

Gazpacho at Karuzela in Warsaw

This time, the promo tour of the newest album from the Norwegian band Gazpacho started in Poland. A part of the songs were performed by the band live for the very first time, and came from...


BirdPen 2015 Tour

BirdPen are Dave Pen and Mike Bird. A duo formed some years ago whilst sharing a flat in their hometown of Southampton. From the word go, Bird and Pen have always come up with ideas to create...

Diary of Dreams – Grau im Licht

Diary of Dreams – „Grau im Licht”

The overall feeling is unusually familiar – almost as if it was intrinsically tied to mankind. And yet, in the past few years it seems to be growing more and more acute. If you look at...

Show Your Otherside

Show Your Otherside from Hungary

Show Your Otherside is a metalcore/hardcore band with a widescreen vision and hearts that blaze with rebellion and intense belief. This five-piece fearless band – formed in Hungary in 2011 – were immersing themselves in the...

Polish History Museum

MHP scholarship fund

The Scholarship Fund endowed by the Polish History Museum is charged with supporting academic research on the history of Poland as well as activities propagating Polish history abroad. The scholarship is addressed to foreigners who study,...

Stewart Bell

Stewart Bell’s “The Antechamber Of Being”

The much anticipated debut solo album from Citizen Cain’s main composer and keys player Stewart Bell is a prog rock opera featuring five vocalists; Simone Rossetti, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Bekah Mhairi Comrie, Phil Allen and...